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Welcome to the IBWS

The Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport (IBWS) is part of the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST) at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The IBWS currently consists of four laboratories that conduct research in a broad range of areas related to physical activity and health.


Neural Control of Movement

Neural Control of Movement Lab

The Neural Control of Movement Lab, led by Prof. Nicole Wenderoth, aims to understand how the brain controls behavior and develop non-invasive interfaces to modulate brain function.  



Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Lab

The Exercise Physiology Lab, led by Prof. Christina Spengler, aims to understand the mechanisms of respiratory, cardiovascular, neuro-muscular and metabolic adaptations to acute and chronic exercise in humans. 




Laboratory of Anatomy

The Laboratory of Anatomy, led by Prof. David Wolfer, aims to better understand the mechanisms of cognitive function in the normal and diseased brain, with a particular focus on the effects of aging and physical activity.



Exercise and Health

Laboratory of Exercise and Health

The Laboratory of Exercise and Health, led by Prof. Katrien De Bock, focuses on the metabolic and molecular interaction between nutrient delivery and nutrient utilisation, and its impact on whole body metabolism. 


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