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New Team Member

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Dr. Joshua Balsters’ recent work on social decision making in Autism picked up by Irish media

In the recent issue of Brain (Jan 2017), work was published from the NCM Lab - lead by Dr. Joshua Henk Balsters – investigating social decision making in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Read more 


Dr. Josh Balsters' work on the dynamics of functional brain networks published in Neuron

The research demonstrates that the human brain traverses between functional states that maximize either segregation into tight-knit communities or integration across otherwise disparate neural regions.  Read more 


Lab retreat 13.09.2016

Great Day in Flumserberg! Read more 


Katrien just received an ERC Starting Grant!

The project has the title: ‘Metabolic interactions between muscle and the endothelium: implications for exercise and insulin resistance’. Read more 


New Team Member

Welcome to our new research fellow, Dr. Nicola Casartelli.


New Team Member

Welcome to our new postdoctoral research fellow, Ines Soro Arnáiz. Read more 


New Team Member

Welcome to our new postdoctoral research fellow, Gommaar d'Hulst. Read more 


Dr. Ellen Jaspers from the NCM Lab discusses her recent work on mirror movements in children with cerebral palsy

In the Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology author podcast Ellen disusses her paper titled 'Do mirror movements relate to hand function and timing of the brain lesion in children with unilateral cerebral palsy?'. Read more 


Congratulations to Dr. Valerio Zerbi on receiving an ETH Seed Grant

NCM Lab member Dr. Valerio Zerbi received the funding for his work using novel imaging techniques in combination with genetic models to better understand how genetic risk factors converge to result in the same group of symptoms that lead to an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Read more 

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